Our fees reflect our quality

And quality comes at a price.

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Interpretation – the fee depends on the time needed for preparation, travel to the place of assignment, time spent interpreting and conference season.

  • Minimum fee – press conferences, vernissages, TV interviews – up to 1 hour
  • Half day – anything between 1 to 4 hours
  • Full day – anything exceeding 4 hours

Why do we have this fee structure?

  1. We need to prepare for the topic at hand – we work even when you don’t see us.
  2. Even a two-hour assignment takes up a half day when time of travel is included.
  3. If we work for you for more than 4 hours, we have to reserve the entire day.

We don’t translate just words. We make communication happen. 

Cheap translations leave a bitter aftertaste. Our translations will be more than palatable. They will be delightful and memorable for the right reasons.

Why don’t we charge a unit price?

  1. Translation is not a commodity but a professional service.
  2. Project size and delivery date matter.
  3. When you go out to eat you wouldn’t care about the price of individual ingredients. Is it important how much the spices cost in your gourmet meal?