If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!

This is a quote by the former German Chancellor Willy Brandt. And of course, if you want to sell to Slovaks, you have to speak Slovak. Not Czech, not Slovene, not machine-processed gibberish, but clear and coherent Slovak language.

We come across very poor Slovak translations far too often. The English texts shines through and the sentence structure betrays the original. Not everybody who understands English is skilled enough to translate into their mother tongue. It takes a true expert to produce a smooth translation – a text where you wouldn’t know what the original was or even that it is a translation.

This is exactly what we offer. Your selling copy in our Slovak translation will be compelling and convincing. Show your customers you care – we can do that for you in perfect Slovak – and they will show their appreciation. Slovak is more toned down than US English for example. The wit of UK English may be lost on your Slovak readers, they prefer simpler texts. Use not only Slovak words, use Slovak language when speaking with your customers.

When you win their business, you may need some legal translations – no problem, stay with us – we know that every word matters in this context, because hundreds of pages of legal texts went through our hands.

You have an app? We love apps! In fact, we are proud to translate for Pinterest and other web-based or mobile-based products (but respect our NDAs and will not disclose our clients). Imagine if giants like Pinterest provide Slovak translations to their users, how much it would mean to your users if even a small app gives them the comfort to use their mother tongue.

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